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Pet Foods

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At Young Again, we never set out to be the biggest pet food company, just the best.

That's why our owner has spent the past 25 years researching new ways to provide dedicated pet owners with the absolute best food available for their pets. We start with only the finest ingredients that are then mixed and extruded through a state-of-the-art process. The result is food that provides a "nature-identical" formula that matches the ingredient profiles of your pet's natural food in the wild.


To ensure the highest quality and safety, we operate our own in-house lab.

We also use an independent laboratory that constantly analyzes our products to ensure consistency in composition. Additionally, our in-house toxicology lab screens many incoming ingredients for problems. This ensures the purity of our raw materials in the manufacture of our foods.


But great pet food is just the start.

To provide top-quality customer service our help line is managed by friendly and knowledgeable experts who are happy to provide advice on feeding and other aspects of caring for your companion animals. In fact, we get calls all the time from people with questions about products they've purchased from other companies. If you have ideas or questions, call us at 1-800-311-6646. We are always happy to help.


We want you to compare.

Please use the tools and charts provided to learn why Young Again is the superior choice in pet foods.


Starch/Carb Calculator

Our carb calculator will tell you approximately how high the starch/carb content is in the current food you are feeding your pet. At Young Again we believe that digestible starch/carbs in excess of 6% should not be fed to obligate carnivores like your cat. Young Again also believes that you should feed free choice and not have to restrict food or portion control your pet to maintain a healthy weight.




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