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My cat is a full grown adult:

Either Mature Health or Mature Health ZERO are recommended for mature cats. Both contain lower level of  minerals that your cat no longer needs, since they are no longer growing bone. They are also both low in phosphorus to help maintain kidney health as your cat ages. Your cat is considered full grown if they are no longer growing bone: for most cats that will be  2 years of age. However, giant breeds like the Maine Coon are not considered full grown until 5 years of age. If you are unsure if your cat is full grown, please consult your veterinarian or breeder for advice.


50/22 can be fed to all cats.WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS SAY ABOUT


ZERO can be fed to all  cats.



My cat is overweight:

You may feed any of our foods for an overweight cat. It is generally best to choose the food based on age or their medical condition first i.e. diabetes/ UT.


Almost every cat will lose the fat and gain muscle on our foods.


Helpful hint for multiple cat households:

Even though you cats may appear to get along, they will almost always have competition issues with household food. For the most part every cat thinks all the food in the house belongs to them and if the bowl is only half full they will have no problem letting you know that they are about to starve to death. Cats are fiercely independent and prefer to rely on themselves for all their needs; especially food. Since they can't hunt they have to look to you for the most important thing in their world and they are convinced that you will get hit by a buss on the way home and they will therefore starve. Many cats will worry about your demise and will eat food any time they see another cat eating or once the bowl is half empty they will eat the rest just in case it is their last meal. This and excess carbs will contribute to 60% 0f all cats becoming overweight.


Fortunately, there is an easy fix. Put out one bowl of food and water for each cat in the household and place them in different parts of your home. Always keep the bowls FULL (no half bowls allowed). It is important that each bowl cannot be seen from all the other bowls, privacy is very important to all cats. If one cat is on the couch and sees another cat eat, because of competition, he may go eat even though he is not hungry. Put the dishes out of the way, under desks, behind furniture or around a corner; cats like small places. Follow these simple recommendations when feeding YA cat food and you will have a calm and happy house with no fat kitties.


I have a kitten or my cat is still growing:

50/22 is your best bet for a kitten or still growing adult, the small amount of carbs/starches (less than 6%) helps satisfy their high demand for quick energy.


ZERO can be fed to kittens or growing adults and we have many breeders who do just that.


Li'l Bites should only be fed to very small kittens. It should not be fed to flat-faced cats like Persians as they have a hard time picking up the small kibble. Once a cat is past the small kitten stage (about 15 weeks), they will almost always prefer the larger kibble size of our other foods.


Helpful hint:

If you have more than one cat in the house and one is a kitten then you should feed all the cats in the house the food for a kitten. There are instances where you may have a mature cat(s) that cannot eat kitten food. In this instance, you can feed the Mature formula to your kitten, but you will want to supplement the Mature formula with Kitten Supplement. Kitten Supplement CAN NOT be fed to Mature cats and you must not over supplement kittens. Please call us to discuss this option.


My cat has or has had urinary tract problems in the past:

Mature Health or ZERO Mature Health would be the best choice, however, we seldom see urinary tract issues with any of our foods. Please do not hesitate to call us if you are unsure which food is best for your cat or household.


My cat has diabetes.

Our ZERO, ZERO Mature Health and LID ZERO Mature Health are your only choices for a diabetic cat. Do not feed any of our other foods to a diabetic cat. Many protocols recommend any food less than 10% total carbs as acceptable. We have found this to be inaccurate. To achieve nutritional-based remission, no digestible carbs/starches should be fed to a diabetic cat.


Note: If you have multiple cats in your home and one is diabetic then feed all your cats one of our age appropriate ZERO foods.


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